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Doug Collins?

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Marc Silverman's about as good a reporter as there is in this city, especially for a radio guy, and he caught an interesting nugget in a story the other day and followed up on it today.

Sam Smith, in The Sporting News, quoted Jerry Reinsdorf the other day saying Mike D'Antoni would have been amenable to bringing Doug Collins to the Bulls as an assistant coach.

There wasn't a follow-up question to Reinsdorf, so Silverman asked D'Antoni about it today on the "Waddle and Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000.

Here's what D'Antoni said;
"Doug’s been a friend, we played the same years in college and then we were at the Olympics trials together, so I’ve known Doug for 40 years probably and he was great. And we talked about it and jumped back and forth and I think one of the cities he would do that is Chicago, he wouldn’t do that many places and he probably wouldn’t do that with many guys, but we have a special bond and that was just something that we threw out at each other when we were talking through the process, but you’d have to ask Doug that. I don’t know if we ever got to that point but it was an interesting concept."

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1 Comment

Doug Collins?????

Who knows, I am sure that we have had worse. I do have a comment however. I am long aquainted with Norm Van Lear, a former outstanding player with the Bull's. Recently, I decided to Google him and found next to nothing. I was surprised and dismayed.
While we are talking about possible coach's for the Bull's, why not give Norm a chance. He has the experience albiet at a lower level but I am sure that he could do better than we have seen in the not to distant past.

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