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Bulls forward Tyrus Thomas has been suspended two games for missing practice Wednesday. Bulls general manager John Paxson declined to comment. Thomas will miss the home game Thursday and the game at Boston Friday.

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Thomas is obviously a kindergartener and Paxson is clueless! How could Pax trade Aldridge for this mope! Didn't the trainee Paxson have enough of this kindergarten behavior with moping Curry and the crybaby* Chandler????

Fix the problem, dump this chump!

Throw in No-Shot Noah along with all the money that was payed to the highly over rated clock eating career inconsistent shooting Capt Klank Hinrich and you can see why the Bullz don't/can't win!

Paxson needs to go, the sooner the better!

* Crybaby=Capt.Klank and Nocioni!!!! No wonder the Bullz don't get and calls from the refs!!!

OK... first of all, can we get a "comments" section added to editorials? C'mon Sun Times... it's 2008.

Anyway.. did Jay Mariotti just put in print that Ben Wallace "did less for his megamillions than any player in the history of the franchise, if not the history of Chicago sports"? Really? Is ths guy really this uninformed or does he just put this stuff in the paper to get a reaction? Eddie Robinson sat on the bench wearing garish sweaters for his megamillions... I'd say that's doing less than starting day in & day out and playing a big role in ousting the prior year's champions in the first round of the playoffs, wouldn't you? When Todd Hundley wasn't sitting on the bench, he was racking up strikeouts twice as fast as hits and b*tching about everyone else for his megamillions....

I mean, Ben Wallace was overpaid... sometimes lazy... and whiney... but that just makes him Jalen Rose v. 2.0. He still doesn't belong in the top 10 list of overpaid slackers in Chicago Sports history.

The Sun Times should immediately suspend Jay Mariotti until he completes "Chicago Sports History 101" at the local community college... Or maybe they should just edit his columns for factual inaccuracies (imagine doing that... at a newspaper... wow, what a novel idea).

Oh... and if Jay Mariotti wants a fan base that turns on it's sports teams like they have group bipolar disorder, he's free to move to Philly.

Between this guy and Sam Smith the Bulls beat writers in town are the weakest of any of the pro teams... the Fire have stronger beat columnists.... can we get some sportswriters who have a clue to cover the Bulls?

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