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WWW Chicago outdoors: Morels & pleading

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moreltight.jpg Morel mushrooms and prepping

for a rare live half-hour of the ``Outside'' radio show on Monday will be my focus for this Wild Weekend Wandering around Chicago outdoors.

I started looking tangentially for morel mushrooms this week while doing my daily Ramble with Storm (posted here on Stray Casts most mornings). I have a couple fair spots near our longer ramble.

Nothing so far, but hunters were out in force with the mid-week heat. Heat, damp soil and late April/early May are usually the right combination for our area.

I expect to have some Morel of the Week nominations for this week. So far I have none for the year. Email them to

There's a couple morel events Downstate this weekend.

The Midwest Morel Fest is Saturday in Ottawa.

The Stark County Morel Mushroom Festival is Saturday and Sunday in Wyoming. Duke Frisby messaged that they started finding some grays in Stark County this week.


Second focus for me is prepping for Monday's fundraising live half hour of Outside, the interview outdoors program I do for WKCC-FM (91.l). It airs at 4:30 p.m. Monday. Click for online listening options.

I know many of you are faithful listeners. It helps if a couple will call in during that half hour and make a small pledge. The size of the pledge isn't nearly as important as the call-in and pledge.

Yes, I am pleading. It is pledge week for a little public radio station. If you like Outside, time to help out.


The weather, at least by us, has not been nearly as wet as they forecast, so I might just get in some pond fishing with the kids. They had the bug this week during the heat wave, but the youngest two who wanted to fish also had scouts and baseball/softball practice, so we never did.

Might correct that this weekend.

But speaking of family, we hope to see Iron Man 3 at a drive-in this weekend, but not sure if the weather will hold enough for a drive-in or not. We shall see.

Speaking of weather, if it allows, I am sure there will be a flotilla trying to catch deep-water perch off Gary Light.

There's a couple big salmon tournaments this weekend, including a Salmon Unlimited One in Illinois and the big one, Hoosier Coho Club Classic, oldest of its kind on the Great Lakes, out of Michigan City, Ind.


I thought about river fishing this weekend, but the high water lingers on. However, Norm Minas had such a good report earlier this week on my favorite river, the mighty Kankakee, that I may change my mind. But the areas I favor still are not wadeable, at least not by my measure, on the Kankakee.

Ken Gortowski tried some along the Fox on Wednesday and sent this:

Did some fishing tonight that made my top ten list of stupid things I've done to catch fish. 
River bed dynamics explains why the Fox at nearly 6000 cfs comes so far up Big Rock Creek while other creek mouths tend to lower and drain. You have to see it or know the area to understand that. Arrogance I my part convinced me I could make it down and across the creek.

Did catch 8 smallies and miss twice as many in a half hour and I only waded 50 feet. It's hard to set a hook while standing on your toes and trying real hard not to go in over your head. Then there was the challenge of getting out. I couldn't go back the way I came. Found out I am nowhere near as flexible as I used to be when I crawled out of the creek, the edge of which was nearly a 5 foot drop off and up a steep muddy embankment like a snake.

I do not recommend that others try this.


In other matters, I did get my deer permit application in just before the deadline on Tuesday.

Otherwise for the next few days I am focusing on doing previews for the state championship for high school bass fishing. I expected to be at Carlyle Lake today and tomorrow, but it was postponed because high water.

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