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Turkey of the Week: Plans for an Ogle County tom

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We started Turkey of the Week on Sunday in the Sun-Times outdoors.


I have enough stories already that I may run it both in the Sun-Times outdoors on Wednesdays and Sundays.

The one above is notable for some of the finer points in Pete Lamar's story:

I got him [last month on] the last day for which my permit was valid-on public land in Ogle County.  He wasn't huge-19 lbs.-but he came into my calling, which makes it rewarding.  He didn't come in on a suicidal charge, like on the outdoor shows; rather he zigzagged through the heavy timber (almost like a coyote) trying to find what he thought was a nearby hen.  By the time he was visible enough for an unobstructed shot, he was real close.
I'll use the wing bones to make a type of tube call (about the only calls I use anymore); feathers will be turned into marabou leeches and soft hackle wet flies, which I hope to try out on some Wisconsin brook trout if the weather if gets pleasant.

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