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Ramble with Storm: Yes, we have no morels; but more goslings & a night heron

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Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.


Seemed like a good idea to at least take a glance for my first morel mushrooms of the year.

So I took a side swing on the extended ramble with the meathead.

Yes, no morels yet. And it smell didn't right. The right smell is a fecund one.

Get a little rain today and tomorrow, then some warmth by Sunday? Maybe? In my spots, it very much has been May 5 for the first morel. Timing would be right.

Storm chased a gray squirrel off the front porch and up the neighbor's maple as we set out this morning.

Apparently I should pay more attention to the weather report when I wake up to WGN-AM news at 5 a.m. Jean shorts and a hoodie were not really enough.

But I stepped lively, much to Storm's enjoyment.

Doves cooing on all sides, fewer robins than usual but some.

The usual heavy ring of red-winged blackbirds trilled around the north old pit. A great egret was a white dot on the north bank of the north pit. No woodpeckers hammering anywhere that I heard this morning.

A lone goose swam on the north pit. Four lone geese swam on the south pit. At first I assumed that meant no goslings were around.

But then I spotted one pair with goslings pulling off the east shore of the south pit. Then another pair and another pair.

So we now have three pair with goslings: one with five, one with three and one with two. In good years, there are seven pairs successfully nesting. We shall see.

A night heron flew off the off the south end of the south pit. They are always nice sighting that makes my morning.

Back in town, a black squirrel climbed another neighbor's maple. I remain fascinated by the spurt of black squirrels in town the past three years or so, as if some gene in a dominant male went haywire.


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