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Ramble with Storm: Life of Pi & the universal dance of life

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Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Last night, my wife and I stayed up after the kids went to be and watched Life of Pi.

Now, there's a movie to my tastes.

The natural world is twined into the modern one (zoos are a prime example of that), but the natural world also retained its inherent blood-lust.

The tiger, Richard Parker, going off into the jungle without a sentimental glance back at the end is a prime example.

Now, my old English major side comes out again. This is a framed movie (the framing is the author and Pi as an adult talking). Normally, framing is simply a literary device to set up stories. This is one time where the framing was almost as interesting and vital as the main story itself.

I digress.

A gray squirrel scooted and a dove fluttered away as we sent down the front steps.

Kind of morning where I had jean shorts on, but also my gloves and a wool stocking cap.

So many robins around, I couldn't even begin to count them. Same with mourning doves cooing around town.

As we neared the town pond, a rabbit loped off along the side rail. I took the extended ramble, in part with hopes of finding morels.

No morels.

The usual red-winged blackbirds trilled by the dozens around the north old clay pit.

Four lone Canada geese floated on the north pit. Then three families of geese (one with seven goslings, and two with five each). Another lone goose and another family (two goslings) floated on south pit.

So I think my count for the families of geese is right now, seven, five, five and two goslings.

Near home, we paused to allow a pair of doves finish the universal dance of love.

That's natural, too.


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