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Ramble with Storm: Gone fishin', lilacs, swallows and a tulip

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Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.


I was distracted this morning planning for a trip.

Barely noticed the mourning doves and robins everywhere, until I forced myself to come back to the moment rather than going over my travel list in my head.

The ramble is about being in the moment.

Too crunched for time to do the extended ramble and to look for morel mushrooms. Found my second morel last night Unfortunately I must have missed it earlier. It was huge, but smashed.

The usual red-winged blackbirds trilling around the north old clay pit.

Yesterday, I found a tulip inexplicably growing by the west side of the north pit. I don't know how it got there.

Saw lilacs in bloom, both on the ramble and in our backyard yesterday.

The signs pile up.

As I scanned both pits checking on the Canada geese, a swallow zipped past. I am not good enough on my swallows to ID it. But that means bugs are out.

For three days now, the Canada geese with goslings now cluster on the west side of the south pit. I suspect they have learned the routine of Storm and myself and stay over there until we pass.

I think I now count five families of goslings. The high most years is seven families. Maybe we will get there yet.

A squirrel, too black to be gray, too gray to be black (a mutt?), sprinted off toward a maple with Storm in pursuit as we neared home.

I love the oddities and wonders in nature.

About to leave for several days in the mountains of Pennsylvania, seeing some special wonders other than the ones on the ramble.

Gone fishin'.

Rambles with come back in a few days.


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