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IHSA bass fishing: Weather, fish & more

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CARLYLE, Ill.--As always, weather played a major role Illinois' state championship for high school bass fishing at Carlyle Lake, but Day 1 of the fifth one had some moments of note.


And here we go.

1-2-3: Downstate Morton led with 13 pounds, 4 ounces, while Wheaton-Warrenville South was second with 11-10 and Notre Dame third at 10-14.

WEATHER: As has happened all five years of the state championship on Carlyle, weather played a prominent role.

Thunder and lightning forced boats off the lake to seek shelter from 12:57 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. under IHSA regulations.

QUOTE: ``It was tough out there,'' St. Laurence senior Zach Marcolini said. That pretty much summed it up.

Heavy rains overnight and earlier in the week led to dirty rising water on Carlyle. It was 3 ½ feet above normal pool to start. Despite those challenges 19 of the 51 boats weighed limits and only 13 brought in no keepers.

BIG GIRL: But the final 45 minutes, when boats went back out and fished to 3 p.m., proved productive. York sophomore Domenico Vigilante caught big bass of the day (4-9) in the final 45 minutes. The fish looked rather hilarious next to the 1-3 caught by junior teammate Matt Penning.

HOPE OF IT: ``Hopefully the lightning holds off,'' Morton junior Justin Schick said.

TAKE-OFF: Fifty-one boats took off, led by Bishop McNamara and closed by Coal City. They will reverse take-off order Saturday for the second and final day of the state tournament.

LONER: Providence sophomore Matt Bomba had to fish alone because of finals and other commitments keeping away teammates. All the same, he landed all three bites he had to have the Celtics in 20th at 5-13 while fishing with coach Vince Ramirez.

CRANKING: Square bill crankbaits on the rocks appeared to be the lead choice of successful presentations, but everybody was tight-lipped with a relatively tight field of potential winners.

BIRTHDAY BOY: Oak Lawn coach Chris Kuchyt celebrated his 36th birthday and his fishermen, on their first trip to state, were in 22nd place.

GRADUATION JOURNEY: Niles West fishermen Matt Burja and Mohammad Qureshi zeroed on Day 1, but they had pretty good reason. They graduated Thursday night and barely made it down in time to fish.

NO SHOW: Barrington was a no show.

WATCHING TORNADO WARNINGS: It could be an interesting night with numerous tornado warnings up to the west and southwest.

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Hope all is well down there watching the weather channel and there seems to be many tornado warnings all around there. Stay safe!

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