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Chicago outdoors: Chicago River tour, main stem and South Branch (photos)

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Click here for my Sunday column in the Sun-Times on a tour and fishing trip along the Chicago River, main stem and South Branch; below is a bit of a photo album.


Tom Palmisano launched us from the Richard J. Daley Park. We went downtown, then fished our way back Wednesday.


First fish was what Chicago River fishermen Carl Vizzone and Ken Schneider call an idiot fish, in this case a green sunfish/bluegill hybrid of some sort. Schneider, who was the third person on the trip, caught it at Ogden Slip.


Loved seeing the bridge work at Wells Street.


One of the wonders of any tour of the Chicago River is how much wildlife carves out a home, such as this Canada goose very much at home in a very urban background, complete with graffiti.


A crew club set out for some late afternoon work as we returned to the launch. Such is the modern Chicago River, a place of commerce as well as wide-ranging recreation.

God, I love doing tours like that one.

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