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WWW Chicago outdoors: Turkeys, brown trout & coho

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Turkey hunting is on my mind and leads this Wild Weekend Wandering around Chicago outdoors.


I am going to continue to use this more personal style for WWW Chicago outdoors on Fridays.

At least for me, this is a packed stretch.

On Monday, spring turkey hunting opens in Illinois. I was fortunate enough to draw a first-season permit at a nearby site. So I plan to be in the field most of next week. A good caller volunteered to help me. I want to try Monday by myself, then I may take him up on it.

On Saturday, I am helping the Scout troop our youngest son belongs to on their big annual hike, this year at Starved Rock State Park. It should be an interesting day. A bald eagle sighting would be nice. All the same, I am sure the boys will have a good time. (And so will I. I love wandering around Starved Rock.)

On Sunday, I plan to get out with Andy Mikos, the guy I consider one of the top non-captain salmon/trout guys on southern Lake Michigan, to fish for coho and brown trout off Chicago. We shall see. The weather has been giving southern Lake Michigan an ass-kicking.

At least I know where I want to deer hunt next fall, so I need to get my application in for deer season. The first lottery period application period runs through April 30 for Illinois residents for firearm and muzzleloader-only deer seasons. Click here or go to the Online Services tab at

On Monday, after turkey hunting, I am going to WKCC-FM (91.1) studios to record several shows for my my Outside radio show. It is hard to think of May weather while recording in this April chill.

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