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Wild things: Red squirrel

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I didn't do much in terms of turkeys when turkey hunting last week, but I certainly had some value in wildlife.


I already mentioned the coyote coming in close early in the week.

So Thursday, I was set up near some roost evergreens, seemed like a logical spot with the weather.

It is also a logical spot for red squirrels, a rarity in Illinois.

And I was hunting at Iroquois State Wildlife Area, one of the few spots in Illinois to regularly see red squirrels. The site also has gray and fox squirrels. And sure enough a red squirrel just started scolding me, much like an old man yelling at kids to get off his lawn, right over my head on the tree I was sitting against.

At first I couldn't find it, then I finally saw it twitch.

I missed the better photo, which spooked it and it ran around the tree. So I did my old squirrel trick and threw a stick on the other side of the tree and I was able to get the photo above.

It made my morning.

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