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Wild things: A close coyote encounter

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So I am turkey hunting this morning.

Well, more leaning against a tree and dozing, when a coyote trots down a tree line then suddenly swerves toward me.

Maybe he saw the hen decoy I had out and thought he might have some easy pickings.

Then he is coming straight at me, without having a clue I am there, all cocooned inside my camo.

The coyote, a beauty, gets close enough I am ready to cough and scare the bejesus out of him, when he decides to veer slightly right, still oblivious to my being there.

I want to get a photo as he passes less than 20 feet away--with no idea I am there--but know I can't reach out stealthily enough to get the camera.

Finally, I twitched enough that he jumped, turned and galloped off much faster than I realized coyotes could.

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Way cool experience! Too bad you couldn't get the camera out. Hopefully the 'yote left a few gobblers for you to take home. Good luck on your hunt!

Gotta love it when they don't even know your there! !!

And to think many people shoot them for no reason at all. Wish we had alot more in the West Chicago, IL area as the geese are out of control!

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