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Ramble with(out) Storm: A natural office

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This is my office this morning.


It was a natural.

A wooden picnic table to put the laptop on to write and download photos. Red-winged blackbirds trilling on all sides, including one right next to the wooden fishing pier I am on. Canada geese honking to the southwest.

Any idea where I am?

I will give a hint: covering an IHSA bass fishing sectional.

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I am positive you are at Mazonia.

Looks like the picture is from the first little lake on the right if you go down Meents loop from the north entrance. I don't think the smaller lakes have an official name. On a side note, at Mazonia south, Eagle Lake looks like a soaring eagle from an aerial view. Monster Lake looks vaguely like the Tully Monster, the fossil for which Mazonia is famous for. They couldn't have had a nicer day for the tournament relative to the weather we've been having!

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