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Ramble with Storm: Social media and madness

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Lawns and ball fields glowed as vividly green and glistening this morning as well-tended golf courses.

I swear there are days when social media become as bright and shiny as madness itself and I am nearly overwhelmed by the glare.

How can highly functioning members of society harbor such madness.

It's a bit of a leap, but it rattled around my head enough this morning that it was hard to focus on the natural world.

That despite a tremendous racket of robins enjoying the fruits of those green, well-watered lawns; and the cooing of mourning doves on all sides.

I am not talking about people who haunt the fringes of society. They have always been there, some of them running for elections and reporters politely signaling that they are daft.

It's the people spewing shameful nonsense on social media that bother me because they are regular citizens gone over the edge of the world.

I am not talking about people posting kids or family stuff, that's part of social media; as is posting what and where they are eating. I kind of enjoy seeing what foods and drinks people pair with their blue-cheese stuffed burgers.

What I am talking about is people posting just utter nonsense.

Want examples? Take yesterday, a guy who is one of the top fishermen in his field and somebody I have been out with forwarded a story about Obama letting a Saudi suspect go and altering his FBI file.

If you believe that, may I suggest you crawl in your basement, then call for the construction guys to come and dig a trench around and fill it with concrete to await the end of the world.

Take this morning.

As is my routine, I go through my email accounts and check social media.

One of the top posts on my Facebook is from another prominent fishermen that the Boston Marathon bombings were staged.

Seriously? What planet are my fellow citizens living on? Because I want off whatever world they are living on.

How can you walk around and believe crap like that?

Unfortunately, these are people who occasionally have important notes and observations on the outdoors, so I can't block them.

And it nearly ruined by ramble with the meathead this morning.

Maybe, I should have one less cup of coffee before taking off.

We did the extended ramble. I forgot that the half-inch soaking rain we had Tuesday night and Wednesday had no where to go, so there were massive puddles impossible to avoid.

But we plodded on. I needed the exercise and Storm finds it invigorating.,

On the extended ramble, it becomes much more obvious how many red-winged blackbirds are around the north old clay pit. Their trilling spilled all over.

Two American coots swam tight to shore on the north pit. Two Canada geese swam on the south pit. Still no sign of goslings anywhere.

Back home, mourning doves fluttered off below the bird feeder as we climbed the front steps.

I wondered if I should clean and hang the hummingbird feeder this weekend.

That's how I shake off the needles of nonsense from the fringe.

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I got on and off Facebook twice. It freaked me out too much when stuff popped up on my page that I thought was strictly looney tunes - just as you describe here. It would get me riled up and then I would waste my time on it. (Uh oh. Is beginning to sound like the Cubs ...) Anyway, know what you mean. I found it easier to get off Facebook than to temper my reactions.

Now you know why I've become a bit of a recluse. I've turned down a number of guiding jobs and have given up on the whole thing.

I can't imagine spending 4-5 hours trying to fish and something like that spews out of their mouth.

I'd have to drown them.

I'm good for about 15 minutes of conversation lately, then I have to go find something else to do.

Maybe I'm too old, but I just don't get the interest in social media. Why the hell would I want everyone knowing what I'm up to every last minute of the day? I sure could care less about what anyone else is doing. And I really don't care to hear their politics. I was joking with my son on his spring break that I was going try to secure some capital investment to develop an "Anti-Social Media ap" for people like me. Instant gold mine. Instead of "Friending" someone I would "Nemesis" them. I know I could amass a large list of nemeses fairly quickly. I would feel validated, self-important... Sorry, I can't say anymore. Please keep this a secret.

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