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Ramble with Storm: Rain gauge, snow & weather geek

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Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.


Well, I would say back to the routines of rambling off with the meathead, except it was not routine.

The front steps were still snow-covered and icy. Patches of snow hung on in shaded areas. Most of the many puddles were ice-covered.

For God's sakes, it is April 20.

In fairness, I took quite a delight in the brief snowstorm that came last night. And even a faint delight that some of it lasted until this morning.

All the same, late snow aside, it was good to set off with the meathead again this morning. For the last week, I have been spending most mornings sitting on the edge of the woods turkey hunting.

In terms of turkeys, it was mostly a bust. But there was plenty of other excitement, including the coyote nearly walking right up to me and a red squirrel scolding me from the tree I was sitting against yesterday.

Feels like so much to catch up on.

I am not making this up--remember, I am a weather geek--but I saw all the warnings of the impending floods and told my wife to pick up a rain gauge at Farm and Fleet on Wednesday.

So I had it in time to measure the big rain. Only we ended up on the lower end of the event. I measured 1.8 inches, nothing like the 6 inches in the heart of the flood. But it was enough to flood the streams and rivers nearby any way because of the saturated ground it fell on.

I don't know about the meathead, but I was out of my routine.

We were all the way to the ball field on the edge of town before I began focusing on wildlife and birds. Robins were everywhere with the wet ground. Doves cooed around town less than normal, but that may have been because we set off later than normal and the sun was already up.

At the town pond, red-winged blackbirds trilled in an intense volume. At least one grebe dove. It might have been a pair.

Snow and ice coated the bridge over the neckdown between the two old clay pits.

Canada geese floated on both pits. But I didn't see any goslings.

Something happened with the pair nesting on the island on the south pit. I can't figure it out. They are off the nest, but I do not see any goslings. Both geese floated around the south pit this morning; their long necks were stretched out on top of the water.

My guess is a predator either raided the nest or picked off the goslings when they hatched.

A few days away and a couple inches of rain do miraculous things for the greenness of the earth in late April.

Even with patches of snow here and there.

Back home, Storm bounded up the snow- and ice-covered front steps to chase a gray squirrel. I suspect that will be the last time for icy front steps until October or November.

Ho-ho-ho, the way this spring is going, that may not be true.


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