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Ramble with Storm: Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, great blue heron, routines & voting

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

The problem with routines is other people learn yours too. A man on our street is running for a couple local offices. He stopped his truck by Storm and me this morning as we rambled toward the town. He asked for my vote on Tuesday.

The problem with local elections is that you kind of or sort of know the people. So you can't get up on your high horse as easily as you can for a national or state election. It's easier to categorize somebody you don't know in any real sense.

I suspect in my lifetime, when I was old enough to be aware, that only Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter would fall in the good guy category, if you knew them outside of their presidential roles.

But I digress.

A gray squirrel loped down the sidewalk, then up the neighbor's old gnarled elm, as the meathead and I set out. The cooing of mourning doves came on all sides. Robins were out everywhere this morning, as thick as wind-blown litter on lawns.

I found the robins hopping around lawns funny because I think the ground was frozen again this morning. It must have been hard drilling for worms.

The usual red-winged blackbirds trilled around the north old pit.

The big surprise of this morning, on the natural front, was a great blue heron flapped off from the north old clay pit. That was the first great blue heron since I think November or December. I could go back and look at old Rambles, but forget it.

Nice sign. Another check-off for spring coming. Though I can't say that it felt truly spring-like this morning.

Muskrats swam on both the north and south pits. Spring activity.

A Canada goose was on the nest on the island on the south pit. Surprisingly this morning, I did not see any other geese on either pit or hear any on the lake to the west.

The remnants of the ice shanty remain at the old boat launch. I suppose they are still there in the hopes that they guys who built it will come collect the tarp and splintered wood.

One of those mornings were the nip promised to be temporary. By afternoon, it will feel like spring again.

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