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Ramble with Storm: Bringing back Johnny Cash

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Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

I had a hard time relaxing into the more natural rhythms of the ramble this morning.

A column tying up all the odds and ends on flooding, management and the Illinois River is giving me trouble.

Finally, I figured out I needed to change my way of thinking. When I got back, I found a rare YouTube video of Johnny Cash doing, ``How High is the Water Momma?''

``Two feet high and rising.''

A woodpecker hammered again on the tall telephone pole holding the lights for the ball field. Apparently, it really has found some insect or larvae to drill there.

I couldn't spot it to see what kind it was.

An extended ramble again this morning. The massive ;puddles have dried enough to simply be big puddles.

The usual racket of robins erupted on all sides. Mourning doves cooed, in town and out. Red-winged blackbirds raised a din of trilling around the north old clay pit.

Three American coots swam on the north pit. A wood duck took off.

One Canada goose swam with its neck stretched out on the water surface on the north pit. I need to find out what that means. One goose floated on the south pit. Still no sign of any goslings

Back in town, Storm flushed a gray squirrel up a telephone pole.

Maples are budding out well, filling in with green. Even the elms are beginning to bud.

The weekend will see a big change.


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