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Ramble with Storm: Billy Martin, Tom Zbikowski, Jeff Samardzija and the symbolism of the ice shanty

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Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.


Somebody pulled the floating ice shanty up on shore by the boat launch on Saturday. It's in pieces. It was still there this morning.

In another sign of spring, the town workers graded the gravel roads around the west side of the town pond yesterday..

As usual, the cooing of mourning doves and the racket of robins came from all sides as the meathead and I set out,

The trilling of red-winged blackbirds arose from the banks all around the town pond.

Two widely separated mallards flew off the north old clay pit with loud quacking. Three Canada geese quietly floated there, too. That suggests to me that other pairs of geese are starting to nest.

One goose was on the nest on the island on the south pit.

For all those spring signs, winter lingers on, especially considering how cold it was yesterday and last night, 20s again this morning. There was skim ice again on the ditch to the east.

Back in town, a pair of Canada geese came low, tree-top, as we passed the bus barn.

A gray squirrel bolted down the sidewalk and up a neighbor's old gnarled elm as we neared home.

Back in the house, I heard Tom Zbikowski, pride and joy of Buffalo Grove and new Chicago Bear, being interviewed on WSCR-AM. Near the end, he was asked about his Notre Dame buddy, Cubs ace pitcher , Jeff Samardzija and whether he could have been a good tight end. And he said you can't beat baseball money.

I don't know why, but it clicked in my memory. My goal in life until my high school years was to grow up and be a scrappy second baseman for the New York Yankees, much like my hero Billy Martin,

Reality set in my freshman year on the baseball team. Sitting on the bench being chatter guy, a bench jockey, not a player, will do that.

Life has its turns.


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