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Illinois outdoors: Chris Kiernan case

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A release came today on the Chris Kiernan case, the illegal taking of one of Illinois' greatest nontypical bucks.


Here it is:

Grundy County dispositions released

For Immediate Release

MORRIS - Jason Helland, Grundy County State's Attorney, recently released the following dispositions. The State's Attorney's Office makes no representation as to the accuracy of such information. In all cases, the official records of the court clerk should be consulted for confirmation.

CHRIS KIERNAN, 46, of Minooka, pled guilty to the unlawful taking of a 36-point white-tailed deer without obtaining permission, unlawful taking of a 11-point white-tailed deer without permission, unlawful taking of a 16-point white-tailed deer without permission, unlawful possession of a deer, and unlawful hunting on the land of another without permission (3 counts). All offenses are class B misdemeanors.

Kiernan was ordered to pay $10,000 in restitution and forfeit all contraband to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and pay a fine and court costs in the amount of $840. Kiernan was placed on conditional discharge for a period of 24 months and was ordered to not hunt during that period.

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What a joke. The $10Gs pales in comparison to all of the govt(taxpayer) $ blown on this BS by the cops wasting their time.

since when is enforcing the law a waste of tax payers money ? we as a society have decided on rules to govern our conduct. if we don't enforce those rules and punish those who break them, it devolves into anarchy. so before we investigate and prosecute any crime we should decide if it's economically feasible first ?

y taxes r so high to pay these jealous assholes in green!

enforce $$$ on something like drugs or sex offenders not taking deer!!

DNR slaughters hundreds of dear a year over bait with silenced high powered riffles in the name of CWD ! Are they really protecting our resources by wasting time and money on this case for a couple dear taken while trespassing ?! This was a personal vendetta again against Chris no doubt, this case was long and drawn out for no reason as he cooperated and admitted guilt from day 1.

there is less than one CPO per county in Illinois, not much of a tax hit on anyone's taxes. I know a number of them personally, they are good people who are tasked to do the impossible cosidering how few ofthem there are. I haven't meet one who is a jealous sob.

we as a society have decided what is legal in the taking of fish and game . taking them illegally is stealing from the rest of the citizens, our license fees and taxes helped bring back the deer population in this state. theft is theft whether it's robbing a 7-11, a bank, embezzling from your company or poaching a deer

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