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Illinois hunting: Some water after the woods

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So I was turkey hunting this morning.


And the snow and ice pellets started peppering the leaves of the forest floor. I just ducked deeper into my camo.

Then it came back a second time and brought more wind.

It was time.

On the way home, I took a back way in hopes of seeing some deer or turkeys out in a field.

And when I went to reconnect with a blacktop, I came upon the scene above of a pickup washed off a flooded road. I waited to see if anybody waved or signaled that they needed help. But none came.

So I backed up to a farm lane and turned around.

But when I downloaded the photo, I swear I see a guy in the passenger's seat.

Or maybe I just spent too much time in the woods this week.

My turkey success was the usual lack of it, but otherwise it has been a wild week in the woods.

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