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Chicago fishing: Heidecke Lake temporary ramp

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Here is a graphic example of what the temporary launch at Heidecke Lake is like.


Bill Anderson took this shot and sent this note.

Dale,   As you can see from the attached photo, there was no way I was getting my boat (20 ft 6 in) off the trailer. I had the tires backed down to the waterline and still didn't have enough depth. The metal "pavement" they put down was a sheet of solid ice since the temp hadn't made it up to the freezing mark yet. The water from the trailers that had gone before us was frozen solid and that made the smooth metal very slick. I don't recommend trying it before getting out and looking at it on mornings that are below freezing. If you want to post the photo, go ahead. Maybe it will give others an idea as to how deep the water actually is, and if their boats can be launched or not. We got there just before 8:00am and there were maybe a dozen rigs in the lot. I'm still looking forward to walking the shoreline there one day soon.

I got out with my friend Pete Riedesel and his son Cam, but it was by the slimmest of margins that we were able to load and launch. It was especially treacherous in the morning with ice forming on the metal grating.

It is shallow and tight.

Just be fairly warned. Those with fancier and/or larger boats may want to wait until the work is completed in June.

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