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Ramble with Storm: Too many Catholics, goose down nest & pretty snow

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Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.


We just have too many Catholics around here. Mike Skwira, fish-fry boy, you know what I mean.

Now, that is coming from a Protestant. Whether I am a good one will depend on the determination of somebody with more clout than I have.

OK, that determination on the number of Catholics comes from a personal basis. I have the first back ache I have had in years.

Working loading trucks third shift for a shipping company in grad school taught me to be very careful with lifting, so I generally avoid back trouble.

But too much traveling in our little Saturn the last 10 days, hip thrown off from sitting funny with my wallet in my right ass pocket, and three nights of sleeping in strange beds have me with a knot of pain in my lower right back.

And my thoughts are scrambled.

The reason I bring up too many Catholics is that I actually threw out my back some time Friday night while helping our church's pancake and sausage supper. It was not that busy because any Catholic worth his or her Lent was at a fish fry Friday night, not at a Methodist pancake and pork sausage supper.

But I digress.

A pretty morning to step out. We had enough snow come through well before dawn to whiten the grass, but not to stick on the roads. What will happen this afternoon remains to be seen.

The usual racket of robins and cooing of doves arose around town. The usual honking of Canada geese drifted from the lake to the west. The usual building racket of red-winged blackbirds sounded around the north old clay pit as we neared the town pond.

The big surprise is the pair of Canada geese are on the nest on the island in the south pit. If you look hard, you can see the one on the nest, the other guarding. It is much later than last year.

It is a rather exposed nesting spot, and their broods tend to take a beating from predators. I am not sure if it is from raccoons, minks, coyotes, hawks or owls; maybe a combination of them all. But they will hatch a good batch of goslings and a week or two later be down to one or two. Or none.

The marooned ice shanty still floats on the south end of the south pit. All the skim ice is gone. The ice is nearly gone from the ditch to the east.

Back toward town, another spit of flurries came.

I need to decide if the snow line will be far enough south to make the trip west to Spring Valley for the MWC tournament doable or not this afternoon. I don't feel like a three or four hour drive with my back thrown out if it is snowing and blowing like crazy.


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Uh, you're sounding a little old, Bowman. But you're probably right about the Catholics.

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