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Ramble with Storm: NCAA basketball, rackets, skim ice & mysteries of back home

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Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.


A woodpecker hammered at a tree along the side rail as Storm and I crossed over the tracks toward the town pond.

The growth along the side rail is mainly new. So I was intrigued what it might be drilling on.

That was a good excuse to turn left and do an extended ramble, the first extended ramble in weeks. Between time change and the ongoing cold, I just haven't been in the mood for an extended ramble.

Storm loved the chance for an extended ramble. The way he was sniffing, he must have learned about all kinds of things having passed this way in recent weeks.

I found the woodpecker, a hairy woodpecker, on a small dead tree.

We set out this morning, just before dawn to the usual racket of robins and cooing of mourning doves. The difference this morning was a lot of blackbirds were around, too.

Winter lingers on. I wonder if tomorrow will bring a good snow, which seems destined to brush near us any way.

Good to be back in the routine of being home. After two days in Michigan for my annual NCAA basketball tournament men's retreat, I was glad to settle into a morning ramble.

So was the meathead.

BTW, my brackets, like most others, are blown up.

A pair of mallards flew from the lake to the west and over the north old clay pit as we approached.

I couldn't believe it, but skim ice had formed in the two days I was gone over the southwest corner of the north pit.

A sandpiper, at least I think it was a sandpiper, flew off by the north pit. The trilling of red-winged blackbirds made a racket of its own along the north pit.

Just a bit of skim ice on the south pit.

The pair of Canada geese still are not nesting. At first I could not find them, then I saw them swimming in the far corner. They are weeks behind in nesting.

A lone wood duck swam behind them.

The ice shanty continues to float in the far south end of the south pit.

Along the old rail bed, now a trail, there were feathers of a dove. A hawk or owl, I am guessing nailed a dove.

Back in town, the cooing of doves came from all sides.

A gray squirrel climbed a telephone pole, then jumped over to a limb on a neighbor's bur oak as we neared home. Two doves flushed from the bird feeder on our front porch.

Some things seem normal, routine.


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