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Ramble with Storm: More ice-shanty journals & wondering on wood ducks

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Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.


A pair of wood ducks flushed from under the trees on the edge of the south old clay pit. That was the big event this morning. I hope we did not disturb their nesting.

Actually I didn't feel all that guilty. If you plan to nest where three paths come together at the water's edge, you better plan on some human interaction.

Set off again this morning to the racket of robins, but only saw and heard a few mourning doves.

I suspect that had something to do with the north wind rolling a chilled fog over the landscape.

Actually kind of an eerie gray morning.

I suspect the north wind is the reason there seemed to be a racket of red-winged blackbirds trilling, all along the north pit, when we reached the town pond.

Cackling of Canada geese could be heard faintly from the lake to the west, I suspect the north wind blurred or hid that sound.

The mystery of the floating ice shanty, which got away from ice fishermen, goes on. The north wind pushed it close to the island, which makes me wonder if that is why the pair of Canada geese were no where around, let alone nesting.

They are now about two weeks behind recent nesting times.

As the meathead and I walked out on the old rail bed, now a trail, I thought a woodcock flushed.

But I wasn't certain.

I can live with some mystery of the wild.


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