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Ramble with Storm: Dust-up & anticipation

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

So our second boy asks late yesterday afternoon, ``Hey, can you drive me around the final route?''

``Why?'' I ask.

He simply pointed out the window. Well, snowballs were falling from the sky. So I drove him around to finish up his paper route and, at one point, it was snowing so hard we could hardly see three houses down.

Fifteen minutes later, it had ended and the half inch or so on the grass had already melted.

The scene repeated itself to lesser degrees throughout the evening and night. It cooled enough overnight that the ground was white this morning. Well, white enough to lighten the pre-dawn.

Storm and I set out again to the racket of robins and the building cooing and fluttering about by too many mourning doves to count.

Wind and cold enough to step lively.

As we neared the town pond, two mallards took flight. Another two were farther down on the south old clay pit. Two ducks I couldn't identify swam on the far end of the north pit.

The pair of Canada geese still are not on a nest. They swam just off the point south of the bridge.

The ice shanty is sinking or rather appears to be sunk with just the top sticking out of the tiny bit of ice cap remaining on the far south end of the south pit.

I wonder what the plan is by the ice fishermen. Maybe they are waiting, then will wade out simply hook it and drag it back.

Otherwise, it is fishing cover or structure.

As I tried to figure the scene out, a woodpecker began hammering the tree above me.

More geese came low over town as we neared home.

A good day to move around.

I am on the move on a couple days exploring up and down the Illinois River along the Illinois River Road National Scenic Byway.

I feel like a lone duck about to wander around.

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