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In memory: Capt. Bob White, Chicago lakefront great

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Click here for the obit on Capt. Bob White, one of the early charter captains on the Chicago lakefront.


Like a lot of people, I owe much to Mr. White aitend also had my run-ins with him.

Mr. White was one of the first to recognize me when I started doing the outdoors for the Sun-Times, some 17 years ago. For that I am grateful. At that point. the late John Husar at the Tribune owned outdoors writing in Chicago.

Then Mr. White and I had a falling out. I don't remember exactly what it was about. He was a crusty lakefront sort, as any one who knows him well will attest, and I am fiercely protective of trying to be as accurate as possible.

Finally one spring, Capt. Bob Poteshman tricked us both into having a sit-down on his boat.

I am glad he did. In the past 8-10 years, especially since Mr. White retired, I came to value his input on all fishing and outdoors topics, even when we didn't agree.

He was a man who had intelligence and a wide experience in the outdoors. You need to listen to people like him.

He will be missed, both by the general Chicago outdoors community and by me.

I have not heard any details yet of arrangements or memorials.

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Thank you for such a wonderful obituary of my dad. I will treasure your article and this blog. I am also thankful to dad's fishing buddies who tracked you down Saturday. My dad never wasted a minute, right up to the very end :)

Visitation will be this Friday evening, March 22, from 4-8 at the Dunn Funeral Home on Douglas Rd in Oswego, IL

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