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Illinois outdoors: Mystery of the hobby horses, solved

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FAIRBURY, Ill.--For those of us who live south around Chicago and use Route 24 to cut across from I-57 to I-55 on our way to Peoria or Springfield or farther Downstate, there has long been the mystery of what a growing line of hobby or carousel horses in a field.


Thursday, I finally stopped and took a photo of the line of hobby horses on the south side of Route 24, just west of the Livingston/McLean County line.

Then, at home, I did some googling.

I came across ``A Prairie Porch'' blog with connections to a story in The Bugle explaining that it started with retired farmer Bob Wenger.

Well, I tracked down Wenger and talked with his wife. Quite interesting.

He started it as a marker so his wife would not take plow over the breather tile line. Then people started leaving more hobby horses, sometimes with messages.

I told her I thought the line had grown. She said it had. It's just fun, no political or social statements.

Well, other than when Prairie Central football made the state finals a decade ago. Then Wenger's son, who farms now, moved the biggest horse by the road and dressed it in the Hawks' blue/navy/white, according to his mother.

Now, I need to figure out why a guy living in Essex does metal art.

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