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Fish of the Week: Record carp from the Chicago River

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With a 39-pound, 3-ounce common carp, one of the Chicago area's top carp fishermen rewrote the record books on Sunday.


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Marcin Szydlowski caught it on a K-1 Baits 16mm Soluble BioActiv Boilie to raise the unofficial record for common carp caught from the Chicago River.

``That was really productive day, over 20 common carp were caught and released,'' messaged the Polish native, now living in Arlington Heights, who caught three other carp topping 20 pounds.

Click here for Andy Klocek and his catch of the previous carp record for the Chicago River, a 38-7 he caught on Thanksgiving last year.

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That mans fish catching abilities never cease to amaze me.

Great job Marcin!

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