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Ramble with Storm: Tracks of a storm & considering ice

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Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.


The tracks of a cat showed in the snow on the porch steps. Apparently it was stalking our bird feeder already before dawn.

Perfect morning for tracking. We had about an inch of fresh snow and a fine snow picked up in intensity as we set out.

There were tracks of squirrels and rabbits, in town and out. Out by the town pond, I could see fox tracks and the small lines of the tracks of mice or voles.

More of a distant murmur than a ruckus came from the Canada geese on the lake to the west, even though we were much closer this morning. I went on an extended ramble this morning with the milder temperatures, and on the extended ramble we are close to that lake.

It warmed something like 10 degrees overnight. Actually quite pleasant this morning. Building light snow, yet heavy enough to cut visibility under a mile.

It was good just to walk and have the fine snow stick to my camo fleece.

The sound of snow plows scraping and banging down the streets came for the first time in more than a year, if my memory is right. The meathead is such an idiot that he went berserk when a plow went past us.

All in all, this was the kind of morning that truly again brought out Storm's inner Lab. He frolicked in the snow, puffing clouds of white behind him.

The ice on the town pond stunned me. The north old clay pit was completely iced over. But when I tried the ice under the bridge over the neckdown between the two pits, a big crack immediately came, bringing the meathead off the ice even quicker than I made it.

In the middle of the south pit, there's a broad swatch of open water in the middle. Now that is intriguing The south pit is far more protected, but it is also significantly deeper.

The ice cap on the south end of the south pit had firmed up enough that I could comfortably walk on it. I will probably try to ice fish it later today. And all the while there will be open water only 50 feet away.

It has been one of those winters.

But this might be one of the last days when I can try the Bait Flare. Maybe that is overstating the case. The weather forecast looks fairly wintry for the next week.

I think we have enough snow that I will have to take the two young ones out sledding this morning.

Back in town, a gray squirrel hopped around the front yard of a neighbor who spreads corn on the lawn for the birds and squirrels.

The plows stopped going, but a fine snow kept falling.

It was time.

Time to awaken the second boy to deliver newspapers (God bless the people still smart enough to buy them), then begin sweeping steps, walks and cars.


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