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Ramble with Storm: Tooth ache, 2nd Congressional District & wintry mix

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Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.


To those of you who wondered, there is a reason for the silence the past few days. I had a post reset on my upper jaw last week. Over the weekend, it blew up and my jaw and cheek became infected.

It's bad enough that the antibiotics are barely knocking it back.

Normally, there are things on my mind. But when you have that kind of pain--please let me die instead of live with this sort of pain--little else matters.

I managed to put out today's column, FOTW and fishing report, but it took everything I had yesterday and my favorite desk man even called to see when everything was going to be in. (I am never late with my outdoors stuff for the Sun-Times).

And yesterday was a big day for other reasons than just the sloppy ``wintry mix'' falling all day yesterday, last night and into today.

I live in the 2nd Congressional District, that's the district disgraced Jesse Jackson Jr. had represented I think for nine terms.

Even by Illinois standards, the district is gerrymandered unbelievably across three counties--southern Cook, Will and Kankakee (right up to the edge of Iroquois County--as of the last voting cycle.

The Democratic field was a big one, but only a handful were serious candidates.

My wife and I had intended to vote for Toi Hutchinson. We have been relatively happy with her as our state senator. Then some shenanigans went down--now that is a shocker in Illinois politics--and Hutchinson pulled out so late that her name was still on the ballot

That left us with a pickle: Debbie Halvorson, with whom both my wife and I have relatively happy with in her various roles representing us, and Robin Kelly, another strong candidate.

It came down to guns or more specifically the NRA ranking. Halvorson had an A rating by the NRA and Kelly an F.

Halvorson's lock-step stands with the NRA is one of the few things that I ever faulted her on. Candidates with A ratings from the NRA are almost invariably problematic for somebody like me with progressive leanings or a flaming liberal, as some my more traditional outdoors friends describe me.

My wife and I usually vote the same. But she was pissed off that a super-PAC came in and attacked Halvorson. I wasn't too happy with that either, even if I agreed with them.

A perfect sloppy day yesterday for sloppy voting.

Thirteen Canada geese flew over in a perfect V as the meathead and I crossed the side rail track toward the town pond this morning. The geese raised their usual ruckus on the lake to the west.


Tracks everywhere: Rabbits, fox, cat, squirrel and what I am pretty sure is raccoon, at least that is what I think matches it on

The ice fishermen left their ice shanty out on the ice cap on the south end of the south old clay pit.

The ``wintry mix'' yesterday and overnight was hard on the ice. It opened up under the bridge over the neckdown between the two old clay pits. A big area by the inflow pipe had opened up, too.

But it looked like the ice fishermen were out yesterday and moved the shanty slightly, so it may be safer than it looks. I didn't test it.

Mourning doves fluttered in the brush by the old rail bed, now a trail, above the south end of the south pit. Two more fluttered off by the feed mill on the edge of town.

A gray squirrel hopped off our porch after snitching spilled seeds from our bird feeder.

Yet another gray morning. These are starting to wear on me.

Gray and sloppy.

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