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Illinois outdoors: Deer & Turkey Expo

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SPRINGFIELD--Friday afternoon, I visited the Field & Stream Deer & Turkey Expo.


The deer expo is at a different venue in a different town, the Prairie Capital Convention Center in Springfield. The show continues through this evening.

Because of the Super Bowl and the hubbub surrounding deer-antler spray and Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, I did an impromptu survey of show-goers and vendors about deer-antler spray.

That formed the backbone of my column for Sunday on the Sun-Times outdoors page, but I also touched on other aspects of the show.

One noticeable thing is the marketing effort toward women and girls.


Another noticeable thing is how much innovation and effort is going into both tree stands and deer blinds.

It felt smaller than recent years at other venues, but that might just be the combination of a different configuration and having two levels.

In the lower level, there were more booths. Measuring and scoring of the trophy bucks was also done down there, as Dan Hollingsworth was doing with many others.


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