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Fish of the Week: Catfish on ice

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On 2-pound Trilene Micro Ice line, Tom Nix battled a 9-pound channel catfish for 1 ½ hours on Jan. 25 at a strip pit near Essex.


``The fish did not come to the hole for an hour and, with one look, went straight back 20 feet to the bottom for another half an hour,'' the Bourbonnais man emailed. ``This time when he came to the hole, I was able to grab him by the lower jaw and hoist him out, much to the delight of myself and my three buddies.''

They took photos, then ``the beast was released to fight another day.''

Nix was fishing a fire Marmooska jig tipped with a wax worm on a 24-inch Frabill rod and reel.

``And when it was over, the line had to be changed,'' he emailed. ``I had a seven-inch hole, so I was able to keep the line clear of the sides.''

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Nice! It must have put up quite a fight! Congratulations!

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