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Chicago outdoors: Tinley Park tickets (Update2, Q3)

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I have a small stack of tickets from Rich Komar for the Tinley Park Fishing and Outdoor Show to give away.


The show is next weekend at Tinley Park High School.

This year for the ticket giveaway I will build a series of questions, until the Tinley Park show tickets are gone, on this Stray Casts post. Each winner can have one or two tickets, until the stack is gone.

The winner is the first one to post a correct answer, as determined by me.

No multiple winners.

When one question is answered correctly, I will post another question until the tickets are allocated.

Winners need to email their address to me at, then I will mail the tickets out.

Question 1:

What top pro bass fisherman have I accompanied twice in different cities?

Question 2: Name three iconic fishing spots within Chicago. (I had five spots in mind, I might accept more.

An answer came on Twitter from Gromit of Burnham, Montrose and Navy Pier, which were on my list. So next question.

Question 3: What is the world record Illinois outdoors is most noted for?

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Is the person Ed Bohan from the city of Chicago Fishing Committee

I can't wait to go to the Tinley Park Fishing show on Sat along with my buddy. Dale, you sure did cheer me up with that Win. Again, thank you and my thanks to Mr. Rich Komar. I did sent you my address via e mail. Please let me know that you got it. Thanks.

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