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Ramble with Storm: Northwestern, global warming & a watery ice shanty

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Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.


A kid, well more like a young man, from Northwestern University called earlier this month to interview me on ice fishing.

Near the end, the young journalism student got to the real point of why he wanted to talk to me: To ask whether the change in ice fishing was an indication of global warming.

My answer was no, not in and of itself, but it was a piece in a broader picture.

Just as the past few days are a piece of broader picture, too.

This morning it was 46 degrees. That is almost 50 degrees warmed than the -2 I had a week ago on my morning ramble with the meathead.

Now, that ain't normal, or usual, to have that kind of swing. And tomorrow the high temperature may be close to 60 degrees warmer than the high eight days earlier.

Ain't right.

The Canada geese on the lake to the west were causing a ruckus again this morning. I figure they must be expanding the hole they have managed to keep open all winter. I will check later today.

I was surprised that the ice had held fairly well on the town pond. Though there was a lot of water on top and it doesn't look safe at all.

And the ice shanty was still on the south old clay pit. I am curious whether they will get it off the ice somehow today.

Just in case they don't, I took the bad cell phone photo above to mark the location of the shanty. That way when it sinks, it will become structure or cover, an informal fish crib.

Yes, fishermen do think like that.

But I bet the ice fishermen will push a cartopper boat out and rescue their shanty before the ice rots out tonight or tomorrow.

Warm enough that I worked up a sweat even before I returned to town.

A gray squirrel ran around a neighbor's red maple. That was it for wildlife.

Fog came later in the morning. That kind of weather, that kind of winter.


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