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Ramble with Storm: Mid-winter hump?

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble.

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Meteorologically, Jan. 17 is the mid-point of winter, if I remember the teachings of Tom Skilling correctly. From here on, it slowly grows warmer.

The joke or the concern this winter is that we really haven't had winter and it is already half over.

Chicago officially has only had 1.3 inches of snow so far. That's absurd.

According to my very unofficial counting south of the city, we have somewhere around 3 inches, still virtually nothing.

A few patches of snow leftover from Sunday hang on.

But by no means was it cold this morning at 24 degrees. OK, there was a good northwest breeze. But normally in mid-January a northwest breeze means wind chills 0 or below.

A few geese talked on the lake to the west. Yesterday, I checked and they have quite a hole swam open, make that the majority of the lake. A few swans are mixed in.

The kind of morning that we stepped lively and had an extended ramble, rather uneventful. Thoughts drifted aimlessly over the continuity of life and the meaning of death after being at visitation for Bill Cullerton Sr. yesterday in Downers Grove.

Writing that makes my thoughts sound more profound than they were. It was more just considering that life makes on like a stream, just keeps on flowing over or around obstructions.

We tested the ice on the town pond. I was surprised that some of the clear refrozen ice, which was just barely safe enough to walk on yesterday morning, was completely unsafe and cracking this morning.

Well, Storm could walk on it, but it was so slick that he fly sprawling and didn't test it more once.

It must have been warmer than I remember yesterday.

Ice fishing will be on hold until Sunday or Monday I bet.

A gray squirrel hopped across an alley as we neared home. That was it for wildlife.

Another piece to a nebulous mid-point to winter.

townpond_adjusted (1).JPG

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Although at 6 degrees it's dang cold here this morning, I think Mississippi has more snow than we do. "Absurd" is the word! ~ Greetings, from the Upper Peninsula

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