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Illinois Hunting Report: Endings

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Much of hunting is wrapping up this week in Illinois, and that leads this Illinois Hunting Report.


We are nearing the end of IHRs for 2012-13.

NORTH ZONE WATERFOWL: Canada goose season ends today. Good hunting in the Chicago suburbs and surrounding counties has been one of the highlights of the hunting year.

Wednesday's column was about my last trip with Jeff Norris of Fox Valley Guide Service on Friday. When the column is put up online, I will put up a link.

DEER: Looks like an warm start ending with bitter cold for the second part of late-winter firearm antlerless-only and CWD deer season continues, Friday through Sunday. Over-the-counter sales of remaining permits for the seasons is ongoing.

Over-the-counter sales of remaining resident archery deer permits is ongoing. That season also ends Sunday. I suspect harvest, which started really fast in the fall, will end up well under last year.

Click here for info on donating your deer meat.

BUCK OF THE WEEK: Email nominations to With show season beginning, BOTW is about done for the year. I have about two more I would like to squeeze in. One of them I still need the details on. But if there is a monster or a masterful tale out there, bring it on.

TURKEYS: The deadline for the third lottery for spring turkey permits is Feb. 11. Click here to apply online.

Archery season ends Sunday. I have no idea how the season went. Click here for details on the over-the-counter sales of remaining fall archery turkey permits.

CENTRAL ZONE WATERFOWL: Canada geese season runs through Jan. 31. Traditionally, Braidwood Lake becomes the epicenter of goose hunting in Illinois around this time in mid-winter. Not happening this year at all. Staff at Braidwood said some days there are only one or two geese taken. The nearby clubs have been very quiet. The coming severe freeze next week might help, but, without snow, I am not sure how motivation geese are going to have to come in.

UPLAND GAME: The last is rabbit hunting in the south zone, which ends Tuesday.

SOUTH CENTRAL WATERFOWL: Canada geese season runs through Jan. 31.

SOUTH WATERFOWL: Duck season ends Sunday. For hard-core duck hunters, it might be worth a trip south. . . . Canada geese season runs through Jan. 31.

AERIAL WATERFOWL SURVEYS: Click here to see the results of aerial waterfowl surveys.


Apply Now for Outdoors Access for Youth Turkey Hunting:  The Illinois Recreational Access Program (IRAP) is now taking applications from young hunters for 2013 spring turkey hunting.  Youth hunters will be assigned a hunt site in one of the 23 counties in which private property has been leased by IDNR. Most assigned hunting areas are at least 40 acres in size and all have been evaluated for turkey activity and the high possibility of a good hunting experience for the youth. Eligible youth hunters must be under the age of 16 at the time of the hunt and must have completed a hunter safety education course.  Applicants can apply for two of the three turkey seasons for which IRAP has leased sites for the spring of 2013 - Youth Season, 3rd Season and 4th Season.   For more information, go to  Youth are encouraged not to miss out and apply early.

SQUIRREL: Season runs through Feb. 15.

TRAPPING: Click here for info on trapping of river otters, which runs through March 31, same as beaver trapping.

Trapping for raccoon, opossum, skunk, weasel, mink, fox (red and gray), coyote in the north zone runs through Sunday; in the south zone, it is through Jan. 25. . . . Beaver trapping runs through March 31.

CROWS: Season runs through Feb. 28.

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