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Ramble with Storm: Unconditional love, ice & the evil of cats

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Storm wore his heart right out in the open--a ball of black Lab love-- when we came home after four days away for Christmas.

It softened my heart a bit for the meathead to be so exuberant.

So I put the leash on him and allowed him to walk around with me while the car was unpacked and the house and yard checked. He rode along when my daughter and I went out for milk at the Shell station, one place open Christmas night.

There's comfort in dogs that is missing in the cats. Cats don't have the heart, simply put: they are evil beasts.

Away from cats and back to goodness.

It was good to be away for the holidays.

Good to be home.

This morning, after four days of basically being in a car and eating, or being in the in-laws house and eating, I had hoped to stretch out an extended ramble. But that knifing east wind, wrapping around the big storm to the south, sapped my will and we went with the regular ramble.

As we came across southern Illinois yesterday, we were just ahead of the blizzard warnings.

It looks like the big snow will stay just south of us, unless there is some lake-effect snow.

On the ramble, the biggest change was the ice completely sealing the town pond. I made a point to check it. Not quite ready yet.

The two youngest wanted to go ice fishing last year, but I didn't trust the ice enough last year. My guess is this week will be perfect for their introduction to ice fishing.

Feels like one of those winter weeks.

The only sign of wildlife on this raw morning were the cackling of Canada geese on the lake to the west.

Women worked off Christmas excesses at the storefront gym as we rambled back through downtown.

Time to settle into routines again, ramble in ruts.

townpond_adjusted (1).JPG

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"There's comfort in dogs that is missing in the cats. Cats don't have the heart, simply put: they are evil beasts."

Cats take on the personality of their owners. You get what you give.

Dogs are dumb as posts and I don't consider it training them if all you can do is get them to respond to constant rewards of food. No loyalty, whoever has the best food.

I think I just described most people I know...

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