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Ramble with Storm: Morning constitutional & the Cubs

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Last evening, the inner Labness of Storm came out and he ate an entire loaf of whole-wheat bread.

Let's just say the morning constitutional this morning, truly was one.

I thought I was using that term very accurately, and quick search of proved me right:

While most might think of a early morning walk when hearing this term, the term morning constitutional can also be used to define what happens when someone has to take a early morning bowel movement.

I love

Don't ask me why, but the thought of a morning constitutional made my thoughts drift naturally enough to thinking of the Cubs.

Maybe that had to do with yesterday when a bowling proprietor, I think it was Bill Brennan, told me I had to step up the Stray Cast.

I fired back it is hard to do a real biting Stray Cast when the Cubs are this pathetic. It's just not as much fun making fun of Cubs or their fans when the team is this irrelevant.

Didn't expect much on the ramble this morning. And there wasn't a bit of wildlife.

Nothing. Didn't even hear Canada geese in the distance.

Just a few hints of skim on the town pond.

All the same, and though I feel small thinking like this, the chance to jab Cubs fans one more time just kind of made my morning.

townpond_adjusted (1).JPG

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6:45 AM and out on my front porch for my morning constitutional, first cigar of the day and two cups of coffee. Heard shooting, but couldn't quite tell if it was from a field about a mile away or one of the public blinds on the Fox River. Too close to call. A few minutes later, some squawking of geese, then one lone goose flying at river level, couldn't see it, only hear it, making the saddest goose noise I've ever heard. Must have lost someone to the shooting.

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