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Ramble with Storm: Lollygagging

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

There are advantages to lollygagging.

On Saturdays I try to sleep in. Well, sleep in by my standards. Instead of getting up at 5 a.m., I try to make it to 6 a.m. Usually I don't.

This morning I did. There was even some hints of the first light coming in the bedroom window before got up.

This time of the year getting out after dawn means more wildlife is around. There certainly was this morning.

Three mourning doves flew out as the meathead and I passed the town ball field.

I heard some Canada geese on the lake to the west as Storm and I stretched out the extended ramble.

A lone patch of skim ice, maybe 12 by 35 feet, floated in the southwest corner of the north old clay pit, much like the last ice cube in a forgotten vodka and tonic on a piano at a holiday party.

With its distinctive rattling call, the belted kingfisher moved from the south pit to the north one; displaced by two crappie fishermen out to enjoy this ridiculously mild fall weather.

It felt, smelled and sounded more like a spring morning than a late fall one. Songbirds chirped and sang from the town out to the town pond.

To the west, eight Canada geese sailed out to feed. Then a dozen or slow flew low to the south over town.

Then all hell broke loose.

Five separate groupings, I hesitate to call them flocks, of two to three dozen Canada geese each lifted off the lake to the west. They kind of headed out to in a confused manner. At one point there was something like 150 raucous geese swirling about in the air.

Somebody mowed and cleared brush from the old rail bed turned trail above the town pond. As you might guess, I preferred it in its wilder form, more like the swirling of the geese.

Back in town, squirrels scurried about everywhere.


Funny what pop culture does to words.

Lollygagging is forever changed in my brain because of the scene (below) from the life and baseball classic, ``Bull Durham.''

Not only was that movie connected to one of my favorite parts of my life, which seared the word in my head; but the scene has been repeatedly used in other cultural references, particularly on sports talk radio.

Lollygagging paid off for me this morning.

I feel in the proper frame to be back deer hunting this afternoon.

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