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Ramble with Storm: Life and death (Carmen Salvino, Jimmy V & Ralph Frese)

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Enough remnants of the flurries from last night hung on the wooden porch steps that I walked down carefully with Storm. It wasn't enough to break the record streak of no measurable snow.

Change comes slowly this fall.

No small thoughts this morning.

Why would there be? I just did a story with Carmen Salvino, the Hall of Fame bowler, on Friday. Of all the athletes and personalities I have written about over the years, Salvino is my favorite.

And that always strikes me as odd because Salvino is defined by his gregarious nature and big outgoing personality. He eats up a room. I am almost completely on the opposite end toward being an introvert.

I think what it is, Salvino can do what makes him great and think about it, too. Many great athletes are good at what they do, but have no particular insight into or understanding of why.

Salvino does.

So I always enjoy any excuse to talk with him, and our talks always end with a discussion on life.

I want to model my life on the way Salvino continues working very hard, even at 79.

That's my aim in life.

About the same time, my younger brother sent a note on the power of the speech by Jimmy V at the ESPYs years ago. My brother's wife is fighting cancer.

I don't care for Jim Valvano, but I think fighting cancer brought him back to the basics of life and that comes through in his acceptance speech. He boiled life down to its essence: laughter, thinking & emotion.

That is a pile of wow right there.

Then Monday I added more to that stream of thinking when faithful reader George Heinz sent me a heads-up note that Ralph Frese had died. Click here for the obit.

Mr. Canoe is one of the legends in the world of canoe building and the legend of conservation for Chicago outdoors.

So I am working on a column off his death.

I took a break last night to go to our daughter's Christmas concert. Maybe because I was in a reflective mood, I talked to my wife about how much the kids have grown.

Life flows irresistibly along.

All the puddles were frozen solid this morning, but there was no skim ice on the town pond.

The belted kingfisher flew around the eastern shore between the two old clay pits. A few Canada geese came out of the fields and landed in the north pit. I suspect the first clear night in days had them feeding at night.

Those have been the usual wildlife in recent weeks.

But a surprise came.

A rabbit bolted from the shoreline of the south pit and squirted into the brush below the old rail bed.

First rabbit I had seen on morning rambles in weeks.

Pay attention, and something new comes along.

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