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Ramble with Storm: Deer, Bears, writing on Chicago sports & Chicago outdoors

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Yesterday, the Bears were leading 14-10 when I turned off the radio and walked out to my deer stand. Half an hour later, my hunting buddy texted that it was 17-14 Seattle, and he sitting and listening to the end of the game.

But when Robby Gould tied it at 17, my buddy came out and we didn't hear the final score until we were locking the farm gates and had on the post-game on ``The Score'' (WSCR-AM).

Coming off of my ranting Ramble with Storm on outdoors writing yesterday, I have been thinking about sports coverage in Chicago.

A perfect thought for the fog this morning.

The Bears, we know, occupy the peak, completely and utterly dominant. As they should be.

Then comes the list below in order

Cubs (as much as it pains me to put them there)
Auto racing
Horse racing
Other sports

Hope I didn't forget anything. I should say that is about how I see it with the Sun-Times, Chicago's best sports section. And that seems about right, even though in my ideal world I would like outdoors to be up there with the Bulls..

The Chicago Tribune doesn't cover the outdoors, other than a fishing report, so outdoors would be at the bottom for the Trib. Golf and Olympics/track would be higher at the Trib, too, I think.

Not much wildlife this morning.

A pair of Canada geese flew over before we reached the town pond.

The belted kingfisher was on the south old clay pit, which basically confirmed my suspicions that that is where the fish are now.

The fog was thinning in the heat of the morning, obscenely near 60 degrees. A week ago it was in the teens.

townpond_adjusted (1).JPG

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Miss John could really write and put you there with him. After John died Chauncy Niziol picked up right after - if for a different newspaper (this one). Then Chauncy got himself in a bit of hot water...oh well. Love your collumn as much as either of those and I read that part of the paper right after the headlines. So please keep up the good work~

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