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Ed Mullady: An appreciation

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Click here for today's column on Ed Mullady, a treasure.


His work for conservation on the Kankakee River is so generations, such as these youths playing in the river at the Davis Creek Campground, to come may enjoy the mighty Kankakee.

The genesis for today's column, or the push, was his article 13 years ago on Christmas smallmouth bass from the Kankakee.

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I usuallylike to try for a bass on the last day of the year and the first day of the new year. I havedone the christmas bass a few times over the years.

This year it looks like I should have some free time Christmas day as the rest of the family will be playing with the new pup that is coming the day before.

If you have the time, there could be two, handsome, sauve, debonair, bearded gents gracing the river on Christmas.

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