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Chicago outdoors: New Year's Float cancelled

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The annual New Year's Day Paddle down the North Branch of the Chicago River has been cancelled because of the forecast for extreme cold; below is the word from Forest Preserve District of Cook County:

Please note: The 2013 Happy Canoe Year Paddle down the North Branch of the Chicago River has been cancelled due to safety concerns stemming from the extreme cold in the forecast. Please join us for the event in 2014.

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This event took place anyway. For many people extremely cold weather means that there is 2 in thick ice on the river. Well, during this trib our canoe worked as an icebreaker, but the beauty of white forest and music of cracking ice with every stroke of the paddle made it up for us. Unfortunately, two people fall down into the water trying to run the Winetka Dam but there was no serious accidents. The only problem was, that river was extremely shallow, so people (esspecially those on kayaks had to leave their vessels and walk through the shallows. By golf course behind Golf Rd we saw many golf balls dipped in the water. General it was very nice, people were helping each other, and told many interesting stories. Honestly , I don;t understand why they cancelled this trip. It is January, it is Winter it supposed to be cold.

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