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Ramble with Storm: Ice and the mysteries of geese

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

The puddles leftover from the half inch of rain Sunday night were frozen nearly solidly this morning.

I will need to call around northern Wisconsin this morning to see if any of the wacky locals are close to testing first ice for ice fishing.

After what seems like weeks of wind nearly every morning, it was almost flat calm this morning, under a perfectly clear morning, the kind that leads to a very uneventful sunrise.

So I pushed it hard, in part because of the cold.

On the east bank of the north old clay pit, I heard the rattling call of a belted kingfisher. But I couldn't pick it out in the half light before dawn.

But the sound of it or the sight of us pushed 15 Canada geese off the south bank of the north pit. They had been quietly huddled there.

A pair of Canada geese swam away on the south pit. I wonder if the lone pair that often swims on the south pit is the same one that nests on the island.

Such are the mysteries of geese.

Same as how do you explain the multiple groupings of dozens of geese that were flying yesterday in the howling northwest winds.

No wind today. No squirrels, not much wildlife.

Though, back in town, a blue jay squawked down the block as the meathead and I neared our porch.

I checked the thermometer in behind the garage. 18 degrees? Might have to check that thermometer, it didn't seem that cold.

But it is near.

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