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Ramble with Storm: Funk

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Well, so much for those spectacular mornings with red-ball dawns.

So much for that chipper feeling.

I tend to find myself in a pre-holiday, post-deer season funk in the best of times.

Throw in that poor excuse of the Bears game last night and a November gray overcast this morning, and it defined funk.

That Bears game was so bad I went to bed early and even turned on WGN-AM and listened Milt Rosenberg, listening to his right-wing rantings (albeit with some actual intellectual support) was better than watching that Bears crash.

Funk, and I don't mean the music of James Brown, was the word that came to me this morning as the meathead and I stretched out the long ramble.

I was surprised, when back home, to find out how many meanings there were for funk in Merriam-Webster dictionary, well the online version.

There's even funk as a verb.

Relative lack of wildlife again this morning.

I heard Canada geese on the lake to the west. I heard but couldn't see the belted kingfisher on the northeast corner of the north old clay pit.

There was one startling difference this morning.

It was quiet. It took me a while to figure it out, then I realized the blowers at the grain elevator outside of town were not going for the first time in months.

Harvest is nearly complete.

Back in town, a nuthatch worried its way around a tree. I think worried is the right verb to describe how they move around a tree. We don't see many nuthatches, so it was a brightener this morning.

Near home, a gray squirrel hopped off and a black squirrel jumped between our neighbor's elms.


I need a little of James Brown's Get Up this morning to kick the ass of funk. Of course, I looked it up on YouTube.

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I came here to see if you had some more pix of that buck posted. Instead, I find that you're in a "funk." First you're in a "blind," now you're in a funk. Good God, man, snap out of it!

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