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Fish of the Week: Monster muskie on public lake

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Ovidijus ``Ovi'' Burbulis caught a muskie so big Sunday that guide Jim Templin considered calling the Illinois DNR to check for a possible state record, before they released it.


It was caught from a public lake in northern Illinois while Burbulis and Templin, the T in Jimmy T's Guide Service, were fishing with suckers.

``The fish measured close to 48 inches with a huge girth,'' Templin said. ``We estimated the fish as close to 35 pounds. It was caught at 2:50 p.m. and moon rise was 2:40 p.m. What a giant!''

I think we have another candidate for Fish of the Year.

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It doesn't look like Johnson Sauk Trail Lake in the background; Carlton maybe? or is it closer to Jimmy T's home waters?

I would love to know where that Musky was found- I live in Lake Co., IL- Any chance it was at Independance Grove?

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