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Chicago fishing: Stocking walleye at Wolf Lake

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Click here for Friday's column in the Post-Tribune on the 15th year of stocking walleye in Wolf Lake.


They were primarily 5-7 inch advanced growth walleye fingerlings, though I noticed quite a few larger than that. A lot of credit for this goes to Bruce Caruso, who has headed it up for Perch America for the past 14 years. Others did it the first year.

And I need to give credit to Carl Vizzone for the photos below. I took the one above.


Carl has a photographer's eye. I love this shot of Tom Palmisano and Ken Schneider carrying out a plastic barrel of fingerlings.

That is how the fingerlings were carried from the Richmond Fisheries truck to the pier, where they were dumped down a white ramp and into Wolf Lake.


I had to help carry one of the barrels. That is me looking in the barrel to see if all the fingerlings were coming out all right.

It was an afternoon that lifted my heart.

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