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Ramble with Storm: Without Storm in southern Illinois

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MARION, Ill.--Mulling things on my morning ramble, this time without Storm, the family's mixed Lab.


We are based out of the new Holiday Inn Express at interchange 54 in Marion while doing three days of exploring and fishing in Williams County in southern Illinois.

So my morning ramble is a little discombobulated.

I finally found a routine of rambling around Rent One Park, home of the Southern Illinois Miners, which is just behind the Holiday Inn.

My two great loves in life are baseball and the outdoors, so life is good. Of course, now that I found a routine to set my day off right, I am going home soon.

This morning, I tried to circle the entire park, but couldn't get through the back side. There I found a really interesting retention pond, down a series of steep banks.

If I had found it earlier, I would have made a few casts there last night. I like that kind of exploring.

I tried coming in from the other side and that didn't work either.

So I cut back to the hotel through an empty lot and flushed five doves picking gravel.

That was it for wildlife within view of I-57.

Tomorrow, back to the meathead.


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