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Ramble with Storm: NFL, red lights, soccer & fishermen

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Sometimes, the ramble is long enough--I am in my fall mode of stretching it out to two miles--that my mind goes beyond mulling and into wandering.

This morning to sports & fishermen, and who goes with which; probably inspired by the bizarre finish to the Packers and Seahawks game last night.


Muskie fishermen/NFL
Bass fishermen/NASCAR
Carp fishermen (Euro-style)/soccer

On a cloudy morning, 20 degrees warmer than yesterday, the dawn came as I passed the ball field with a sudden reddish light. It lifted the darkness as if I had poked my head into a dark room.


Bluegill fishermen/baseball
Carp fishermen (doughball-style)/16-inch softball
White bass fishermen/ice hockey
Pike fishermen/horse racing

The cornfield far out on the corner of the extended version of my ramble was harvested some time over the last few days since I did my last extended ramble. Storm surged savagely to explore the open space. A lone dove few from the edge of the downed corn and the overgrown grass.


Catfish fishermen/baseball or NBA?
Fly fishermen/tennis or lacrosse?
Crappie fishermen/baseball or ice hockey
Flathead fishermen/horse racing or baseball?
Shark fishermen/rugby or ultimate fighting?

Again, a morning remarkably free of wildlife.

By the town pond, one dove flitted between trees. I heard a belted kingfisher I couldn't see. And one black squirrel hopped away.

In town, no wildlife moved.

townpond_adjusted (1).JPG

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