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Ramble with Storm: ``Fishing on my birthday"

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

A lone Canada goose flew low over the town last night and right through the moon, at least from my vantage point.

Rather spectacular sight.

I had stepped outside to savor the fullness of the moon, what most of us consider the Harvest Moon. Though there are other names, some of them more inventive or descriptive.

Our town goes through it own celebration of the harvest with its Pumpkin Fest at the end of September and I suspect the goose was discombobulated by the fireworks last night.

This morning was another celebration of sun and moon. The full moon was setting in rather spectacular fashion as the sun rise was just beginning as the meathead and I set out.

But I digress under the spell of the moon. I had really wanted to consider teaching kids fishing.

The little guy's birthday is in a couple days. Yesterday as we are walking around the Pumpkin Fest, he said, out of the blue, ``Can we go fishing on my birthday?''

Now explain to me why our last kid is finally the one who loves to go fishing, loves digging around outdoors stuff--on his own, with buddies or with me.

I sometimes wonder if I had to learn a few things as I got older.

With my oldest two boys, I sometimes wonder if I didn't have too much of an ``damm it, this if fun, you better like it'' attitude about fishing.

I have learned a much more laissez-faire attitude with my daughter and the last boy. And they like it a lot more.

And I have also learned the tricks anybody who has taught kids fishing for very long learns or knows: keep the time short, have food and drink associated and (the hardest for me to learn) don't fish yourself.

All I know is, that is one of the best questions any of my kids has asked.

Again, a rather quiet morning for wildlife.

Two doves by the town pond. The great blue heron was back in its corner of the north old clay pit. No squirrels or rabbits. Two Canada geese splashed in the town pond as the meathead and I approached.

There are things I have learned to appreciate more as a parent of older years. Just as there are things I have learned to savor and appreciate in general as I age.

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I would have thought you would have learned the rules of kid fishing a long time ago. You've seen Bob Long do it enough times, haven't you? That's where I learned it a decade or so ago. Patience I think they call it. AND, you can fish yourself, just don't wander off.

Plenty of geese on the Fox river (I was told by a woman in the office at Silver Springs a decade ago... I don't know why any one wants to hunt the river, it's not a fly way. She also denied there were any public blinds on the river. Keeping it all for family I guess).

Anyway, ponds and harvested fields west of Aurora are loaded with geese. Jeff Norris is going to have a field day up this way. Problem is, hunting access.

Some of my Best moments in fishing are happening now with my son and grandsons. I was lucky enough to have both of my sons enjoy fishing and we make sure we get out together for small trips at least twice a year. Now as the grandsons are growing up they are fishing too. They don't go on the short trips yet but i get a call often from the older guy Michael "Papa can you come over so we can go fishing" and I get a feeling thats hard to explain. I have fished all my life and to have my grandsons interested in the sprot is very special to me.
I have always said fishing is not about just catching fish its also about the memories made that last more than a lifetime. I'm hoping to make many many more memories with family and friends on the water. Dale you have always managed to word things to hit the spot and you did it again buddy see you on the water.

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